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Avicenna J Environ Health Eng. 2020;7(2): 97-108. doi: 10.34172/ajehe.2020.15

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Isothermal, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Studies on the Adsorption of Molybdenum by a Nanostructured Magnetic Material

Elnaz Shargh 1, Hossein Sid Kalal 2 * ORCID, Zahra Shiri-Yekta 2, Seyed Ebrahim Mousavi 3, Mohammad Reza Almasian 2, Mohmmad Tagiof 2, Hassan Hoveidi 1

Cited by CrossRef: 1

1- Wang W, Qi L, Yuan H. Removal of Pb2+ from Wastewater By γ‐Fe2O3@SHFA Based on Alkali‐Modified Fly Ash: Performance and Mechanism. Part & Part Syst Charact. 2022;39(10) [Crossref]